I find this to be true in many people. If there’s something that reflects you in this list, then you need to pray and work on it.

1- A Bassist who is Insecure would detune the Strings after playing especially when another bassist would be playing after him. That’s one reason most bassists carry their own Guitars to programs.

2- An Insecure Keyboardist would Transpose the Keyboard and would leave it like that, so the next player comes to play a wrong key. Abi you remember the Musical Rockshow days.

3- A singer who is Insecure does not want anyone else to lead the Songs.

4- A Singer who is Insecure does not Back other Singers. They always have excuses.

5- A drummer who is Insecure would Hide the Drum Sticks and Key.

6- A Singer who is Insecure does not Befriend other Singers who are better than Him/Her.

7- A Music Director Who is Insecure does not Encourage his choir members to join other groups.

8- A Music Director who is Insecure would never invite other good Directors to come Help His Choir.

9- An Insecure Sound Engineer would always Sabotage Singers and Musicians. He won’t Open the Thing.

10- A Music Director who is Insecure does not take suggestions, He alone decides on the Songs and arrangement. Even when there is an Assistant he would make him Redundant.

11- An Insecure Music Pastor Does not allow anyone to Lead the Worship. You can lead Praises, Only Him is Holy and Qualified to Lead Worship, abi I no dey Loi!!

12- An Insecure Praise and Worship Leader would Connive with the Insecure Keyboardist to Sabotage the Secure Singer who carries a different unction.

13- An Insecure Choir Leader sees any Potential leader as a Threat, for that Matter they Would Victimize you till you Leave.

14- An Insecure Singer when backing someone either Spoils the Songs or Just opens the mouth but don’t Sing. Even when they do its in aloofness.

15- An insecure Musician would refuse to come to rehearsals at all or come very late just because there is this New Guy who’s good and can play better.

16- An Insecure Keyboardist would Play Eflat instead of Bflat just Sabotage your Ministration. When you Confront him he’ll boldly tell you he heard Eflat. How many guys Sing in Eflat? When its a lady its Vice versa.

17- An insecure Musician who’s in love with one fine girl in the Choir, but she falls for another guy becomes Victims in Progress. He’ll make sure both of you know no Peace.

18- An insecure Engineer would fix very good Sound for the People He likes, Sorry for you if you fall into his bad books.

19- An insecure Singer can easily Persuade the MC to Call him/her or their favourite instead of the Person who’s Ready to deliver. I’ve seen this so many Times.

20- An insecure Musician/ Singer Sows Discord Among brethren Everywhere they Go.

I was Inspired to Write this, I know some people would Plagiarize, but all the Same This Should Get to Every Music Platforms, I Believe Some people Would Change, Some Would Also Understand Why Some people behave the Way they Do.

Forward This To Every: Chorister, Musicians. Praise And Worship leaders, Soloists, Backing Vocalists and Anybody who has anything to Do with Music.

Wisdom Olives (Pastor/Musician/Counsellor)

Please pray about these traits if you have them and let the Holy Spirit work in you to make you a better person.


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