As a worship leader, one of my greatest lessons in 2016 was the importance of knowing the grace God has given me, appreciating it, valuing it and maximising it. Putting it to the fullest use wherever and whenever possible for the glory of God.

This is not about being prideful and arrogant, it’s about being faithful to God. You need to know the grace of God upon your life and value it and operate by it. If you don’t some people, unfortunately within the same ministry, can ridicule it and make you belittle it also. No only that, they will also treat you weigh below the worth God has made you to be, and that can consequently make you a mediocre representation of what God designed you to be. These would usually be from people who do not understand the uniqueness God gives every individual to function or those who feel threatened by the grace of God upon your life. So don’t let such ridicule bother you, just press on by the help of the Holy Spirit.

You needn’t be competitive, you just need to be faithful with what God has given you. Just like the parable of talents as told by Jesus Christ, the servant with 5 talents was faithful and gained 5 more, and the servant with 2 talents was faithful and gained 2 more. The Master commended them and rewards them with more, but he never made reference in comparison to another.

The grace of God upon your life as a worship leader/music minister is original and valuable. Don’t belittle it! Settle it in your personal times of prayer and fellowship with the Holy Spirit and know how to maximise it for the fulfillment of your God-given purpose and aassignments.


Like the Apostle Paul said… “Magnify Your Ministry!”



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