Worship Aloud

Right now, here’s the no.1 worship ministry project I’m working on consistently and I’m grateful to God for the progress we’re making.


Worship Music Ministry imparting lives for Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Our names are Ládi Adéwumi and Oláwále Ayeni, and we are by God’s grace music ministers, leading and ministering in music in the RCCG for many years.

Worship Aloud is the music ministry God has given us with which to impart lives for Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. By God’s grace we started organising this worship event in July 2012 at RCCG Dominion Sanctuary, Acme road, Ikeja, Lagos (Region 19 HQ, former Lagos Province 2 HQ), and it has been of great blessing to many – salvation, healing, deliverance, impartation, prophecies. We organise this prophetic worship event so God’s children can come together and worship Him whole-heartedly with worship music, prophetic words and prayer, and experience the evident manifestation of the presence of God. Testimonies abound of miraculous healing, deliverance, fulfilled words of prophecies, and more.

Pictures from some past editions can be seen online on Facebook & Instagram.

There are 2 dimensions to Worship Aloud at the moment.

1. Worship Aloud …a prophetic worship experience. (live event): Organised with different churches (twice in 2012; once in 2013; once in 2015).

2. Worship Aloud …releasing the sounds of heaven. (online broadcast): On livewayradio.net every first Friday of the month (since Oct. 2016).

God has used each dimension of Worship Aloud to change many lives. While we minister in songs people have experienced healing of cancer; healing of critical health conditions; deliverance from addictions; deliverance from demonic oppression; muteness; and more. Spoken words of prophecies have also been fulfilled. ALL GLORY TO GOD, HALLELUJAH!!!



Right now we are taking it to different churches and fellowships as a means of worship music evangelism, to impart more lives in different towns/cities and to help different churches grow their membership. We also intend taking it to secondary schools, university campuses and family gatherings, if we get the opportunity to do so.

We would want to have Worship Aloud in any church and also involve the church’s praise and worship team, as well as invite a few anointed guest ministers. We believe God for an atmosphere of true worship with an evident move of the Holy Spirit, and the transformation of lives. We are also looking at adding a dimension of soul-winning and publicity, in the build-up to and during the event to help create more awareness. This will consequently help to bring in more souls into the Kingdom.

Because we are also looking to involve the church’s praise and worship team, this will be an opportunity to help them develop in the areas in which they need improvement.



Church Support: We will need help with the availability of:

  1. Event date;*
  2. Church auditorium;
  3. Sound equipment/setup;**
  4. Musical equipment;**
  5. Audio recording/setup;**
  6. Video recording/setup;**
  7. Funds for publicity materials and for welfare of volunteers during the event.


* Need the agreement of the church in order to decide.
** Personnel in-charge of these equipment will also be needed.


Thank you.


Ladi Adewumi | Olawale Ayeni
Co-Founders, Worship Music Ministers; Worship Aloud.

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